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Logistics is a key function for companies today.
An optimally-managed materials flow opens the way for potential rationalization and thus cost reduction.
Logistics responsibilities can be managed with the IAL Software modules which comprise a comprehensive solution system in the form of specific task applications and interfaces.
Our products make the materials flow more transparent, making it possible to control, assess and improve the flow as needed.

We support the materials-flow from receiving through warehouse supervision all the way to picking and shipping.
Our application modules support both manual and automatic processes and warehouses. Warehouse procedures are improved through modern technology like RFID connections, scanners and mobile terminals.

The open terminal interface enables the use of all brand-name scanner terminals. Existing external systems including transport systems are integrated into the system concept. Our modules permit a high degree of integration with business processes in enterprise systems such as SAP. The interfaces available provide connections to all the relevant SAP processes.

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