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Since IAL began in 1996, we have offered our customers the advantages of a manufacturer-independent software and computer system company providing competent applications for the computer-based imaging of their business processes, from the conception all the way to the finished system and support during operation.

We provide the following services to fulfill your objectives:

  • Analysis of data and information
  • Definition of network structures
  • Analysis and choice of databases
  • Analysis and choice of software development tools
  • Definition of data structures
  • Integration of various system components from hardware to software and to various network structures (LAN and WAN)
  • Portation of old systems into a new and modern system architecture
  • Creation and maintenance of individual software to fit your specific needs
  • Introduction to and training in information and communication systems
Our services complement your in-house resources, allowing you to allocate those resources efficiently.
Together we can build an experienced unified team to get your work done.

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