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RFID technology

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology occupies an increasingly important position in logistics.
In comparison to barcodes which depend on physical readability, transponders (TRANSmitter and resPONDER) can be read faster and without visual contact, even through outer packaging layers.
Because of faster and better readability, and also because of the larger data quantity that it can transmit, the transponder is always superior to the barcode for paperless business processes and faster order processing, where reliable and error-free handling and increased transparence of the individual processing steps are required.

RFID technology makes possible new opportunities materials management throught the supply chain. IAL supports you through the entire logistics processing, beginning with the counting of temporary containers and drums through the inventory of goods all the way to the scanning of complete pallets.
For the handling and processing of rolled materials such as carpets, the intelligent core equipped with transponders provides logistical transparence.

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