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SAP integration

IALindividual solutions

Over the past several years, IAL has continued development on a standardized software to handle the communication with SAP systems via the IDOC interface:

IAL-DataBridge IDB with IAL-SAP-Interface ISI.

This module has already been used in several successful international projects.
Both synchronous as well as asynchronous communication is possible with this module.

Storing the exchanged data using transaction-management ensures that the data remains consistent even if one of the communication partners breaks down.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services in this area. These include conceptual design as well as customizing the existing or planned SAP system.

The main points in the logistical arena are the modules SD, MM, WM, PP and PM.
We´ve also successfully implemented an interface to FI. The integration of various databases (Oracle, RDB, etc.), as well as the use of different operating systems is possible.

With our software expertise, we also have the necessary resources available to integrate external, customer-specific systems.

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